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Jan Berenstain Passes away at 88

For all of us young and old who fell in love with the Berenstain Bear series, it is a sad day for Jan Berenstain’s fans. She passed away today at the age of 88 from a stroke.  Her husband Stan … Continue reading

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J.K. Rowling to publish a novel for the adult audience

As I was browsing through the posts on Facebook, my eye caught the announcement of J.K Rowling publishing a new novel.  The latest news is her novel will be geared towards the adult audience.   I was so pleased to find … Continue reading


Israeli uploads Newton’s theological texts

Sir Isaac Newton is known as one of the greatest scientists of all time and an influential theologian. The Israeli national library has Newton’s theological collection digitized. Today people try to make a distinction between science and faith but for … Continue reading

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Haunted Inns in New England! Gives me the chills :)

I am one of those people who love a good ghost story.  I decided to read up on some Inns that may be haunted.   Now  I want to go visit one of these Inns just for a good scare. Check … Continue reading

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Karl Wiegers talks about peer reviews for authors

In one of Karl Wieger’s blogs :Four Eyes are Better Then Two: Reviewing what you Write,  he explains that tough peer reviews are the best kind.  Even though he dreaded having his work peer edited, he knew that is what … Continue reading

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Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I was organizing shelves and putting books in the library database when I came across the author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Check her site for dates and times of when she will be in your area.  Hopefully one day she will … Continue reading

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