Fall hours

Our Fall/Winter Hours start tomorrow. Open Wednesday 1 pm to 3 pm and Saturday 10 am to 12 pm.  Stop by to see our beautiful library ❤


About Donna Jackson

I am the librarian for the Wakefield Library Association. I am in the process using information services to bring more patrons into our historic library. I am taking online classes in the library science field to get a degree in Library Science.
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3 Responses to Fall hours

  1. Mary, p Lapalme says:

    Have an interest for preschool /toddler story time. Do you ever have these in the morning?

    • We do not do this but Gafney Library has this event. Their number is 603-522-3401 and ask for Beryl Donavan. She is a sweetie and can assist with your question. Thanks for stopping by and like the historic library on Facebook 😁

      • The Wakefield Public Library is a historic 1902 building. The events that are held at the library are local authors who have book signings in the summer. This is a charming library. Hopefully you will be able to visit the library. We are two doors down from the Wakefield Inn.

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