The Wakefield Public Library is a small library located in the village of Wakefield near the Wakefield Inn. We are part of the Wakefield Library Association.

The library is a very charming place with lots of books to choose from.  As you climb the stairs to the balcony , there is  a treasure of old books to browse through.  Please stop by and visit this historic library.


3 Responses to About

  1. When I go to the library I will see if there are any books on this family. I will ask around to see if anyone has heard of the French family. Interestingly enough there is a family in Waterboro Maine by the name of French. The daughter is the same age as my son, 23. My email is 4jacksons@roadrunner.com. If I find info
    I will get that to you. Sincerely, Donna

  2. Were his parents born in the Wakefield NH area? If so it would make sense that they could end up in the New field Waterboro area. I may try to contact the Concord Library.

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