Ordered a Dennis Lehane book and will be purchasing more!!!! Let the librarian know what your interests are:)

Let the librarian know what you love to read!!!!     I am always ordering books and we have an ongoing book sale.  Free books offered to take home and share with friends and family.


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LISTOPIA for all the good reads

2013 book lists from LISTOPIA


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Words are Powerful by Best-Selling Canadian Author Cheryl Kaye Tardif

Cheryl Kaye Tardif shares her thoughts and tells us her story of why she loves books and how she became a writer.  I think it would be a lovely idea to have a  Canadian author’s book in the library. Please check out her website.



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Snow storm damages many books in the Longfellow Bookstore Portland, Maine

Due to our winter storm on Friday, between thirty and forty percent of Chris Bowe’s books have been damaged.  He is hoping to open the store in time for Valentine’s day.  The firefighters helped in saving as many books as possible.  Very sad when a large amount of books get ruined.  The community is trying to help any way they can. Bowe said “Water is a terrible thing for books.”   I can agree with him there because it has happened to me.  Once a book is wet it is hard to dry it out completely.  Fingers crossed he has his business up and running in the next day or two.  Our thoughts are with him as he fixes the damages done to the building and replaces some of the books.

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Like us on Facebook

We do a lot of posting on our face book page.  Be a fan and stop by the library to see the charming 1900’s building.  Very sweet village located in Wakefield NH. We would love to see you soon.

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Happy birthday Anne Rivers Siddons

We would like to wish Anne Rivers Siddons a happy birthday today. Born as Sybil Anne Rivers she was raised in Fairburn, Georgia and attended Auburn University.  Our library has the book “The House Next Door” and many other books by her.  Burnt Mountain came out on July 19,2011 and I realize I do not have this book.  This date is special to me because my grandmother had her birthday on July 19th. 

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Brendan DuBois book Betrayed in our library

I ordered a new book by Brendan DuBois for the library!!!  He is a New Hampshire author who has written many books. It is an honor to have books by our local authors.   Check out his site.



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Chip kidd amazing designer of Book Covers with a dash of humor

What creativity in a book cover.  Chip Kidd’s ideas are well thought out and a wonderful way to let the reader know what the book is about.  Great job Chip!!! For a look at his video please go to: http://www.ted.com/talks/chip_kidd_designing_books_is_no_laughing_matter_ok_it_is.html

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Like us on Facebook!!!!!

We now have a Facebook page. Look us up at: http://www.facebook.com/WakefieldLibraryAssociation?ref=hl

Also stop by the library for a look at a 1900’s building.  We are on the historic society.

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Seems like it has been to long since I posted here

Thought I would share this site for our NH residents.  Hope you enjoy some of the newspapers offered online  I still remember the paperboy delivering our news to us.  Time sure does have a way of changing.



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